Our Purpose

We are committed to providing value-added products and outstanding service to customers, ensuring a consistent and reliable product supply, and increasing profitability within a framework of sustainable and responsible business management practices.

As a business, we seek to enhance the collective well-being of the company to shareholders, employees, customers, contractors and the community by:

  • Providing value for our customers through products and services which exceed their expectations.
  • Creating a focused, informed, stimulating and safe work place where each employee can make the most effective contribution.
  • Building relationships with our customers, contractors, suppliers and the community based on integrity, honesty and responsibility.
  • Caring for the environment.

Our resources and capabilities enable us to respond quickly to market changes so that we can consistently provide local and international customers with products that ensure value in terms of price and performance.

Commitment to Quality

We have a strong commitment to the quality and performance of all our products, with robust systems in place to achieve this, from the initial formulation stage through to the finished product.


Our commitment to technological innovation has allowed Peerless Foods to install and integrate the latest machinery and automation in the field of refining, processing and packaging oil and fats based food products.


We operate a fully integrated electronic forecasting, production, ordering and distribution system, allowing a Just In Time (JIT) process to be implemented in many parts of the production and logistical systems.

The company's RF warehousing systems, scan packing, EDI order entry and live transport management system result in faster turnaround times from placement of orders to the receipt of goods by our customers.

Our distribution division is also fully integrated with production to allow for national on time distribution from our Victorian site to anywhere in Australia.

Technical Expertise

We have highly skilled and resourceful technical personnel which include PhD scientists, food technologists and experts in the field of fats and oils. This technical asset allows Peerless Foods to continually research and develop new and innovative products.