Cooking Margarines

We have 3 cooking margarines part of our retail range - Copha, Fairy and Wik.

A baker's dream...Copha vegetable shortening has been embraced by Australian families for more than 75 years. So often the choice for preparing loved treats and desserts, Copha is excellent for making classic white Christmas slices to delicious chocolate crackles.

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For more than 50 years, Fairy cooking margarine has been helping home cooks with their baking. Create mouth watering Christmas cakes and plum puddings just like nanna's with Fairy!

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Wik is the finest quality pure dripping in the market. Take a walk down memory lane to the forgotten taste of golden crusty potatoes and sweetly roasted meat the way grandma used to make. With Wik, food still tastes hearty and comforting..from battered fish and chips to everyday roasting or frying, Wik is a tasty choice.