Dairy Fat Replacement - Butter & AMF Substitutes
Butter & AMF substitutes to reduce cost of ingredients while maintaining product performance.

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Performance Margarines & Shortenings
Premium multi-purpose cooking and baking shortenings and margarines.

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Liquid Frying / Culinary Oils & Oleos
Healthier, versatile and affordable high performance frying and culinary oils.

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Retail Spreads
Great tasting spreads and cooking margarines that are designed to suit your every need.

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Ingredients & Bulk
Australia’s largest privately owned manufacturer of premium edible oils, complex fats and oil production.

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Product Key Features & Benefits:

Our Products Outperform Dairy

Peerless Foods Peerless Foods ABS / BOS Butter and Milk Fat Alternatives Butter and AMF
Price stability Excellent Two and half
Consistent & reliable annual supply Excellent Two and half
100% Natural raw materials Excellent Excellent
Same Source (Bovine) Excellent Excellent
Number of Applications Excellent Excellent
Price / Value Higher profitability Excellent Two and half
Quality, Performance, Flavour Excellent Excellent
Store chilled or frozen / dry Excellent Excellent
Excellent Excellent
High High
Good Good
Average Average
Low Low

Product applications and usages:

Bakery - Cakes, Biscuits, Danish, Croissants and Pastry

Ice Cream – Fat Fills

Confectionery – Soft Centres and Hard Candy Coatings

Dairy Cheese and Butter Replacement – Fat Fills

UHT & Condensed Milk – Fat Replacements

International Markets

Peerless Foods supply Australian quality ingredients solutions to the world across the following regions:

Asia & SE Asia
Australia / NZ / Pacific Islands Canada
Latin America
Middle East & North Africa Russia & CIS
West & South Africa

Our standard lead time is 4 weeks plus shipping time from confirmed purchase order.