EOI premium bakery range

Peerless Foods provide premium quality margarines and shortenings to the Australian baking industry under the EOI brand umbrella. With superior ingredient solutions that meet the high standards of renowned cooking institutions, bakeries, cafes, and multinational food manufacturers, EOI has been a trusted choice for baking businesses for more than 85 years.

Our knowledge of the baking industry is from hands-on experience; it's not just research based. So, whatever market you're in, we can quickly understand your challenges and assist you to develop profitable solutions to differentiate your business from the competition. From technical support and recipe development through to promotional assistance, we can help you can grow your business.

Now also introducing our NEW ready-to-use pastry range which includes: pastry rolls, pastry shells, croissants, Danish pastry squares and Danish pastries.
EOI Bakery

Our Products

For over 85 years EOI has been providing trusted quality bakery margarines, shortenings, custard premixes and pie filling to Australian baking businesses. Our range now includes ready-to-use pastries which consists of: pastry rolls, pastry shells, croissants, Danish pastry squares and Danish pastries.

Our Recipes

Whether it’s sweet or savoury pastries, pies, slices, biscuits, or custards EOI has hundreds of commercial bakery recipes to help grow your business.

Hints & Tips

Our products are backed by our in-depth knowledge of your business needs and our ability to offer value-added support, including technical assistance and service.

Probake value bakery range

Pro-Bake is a value range of essential baking margarines and shortenings for pies, pastries and cakes. Whether you need traditional shortening used for pie bases and quiches or baking margarines for puff pastry the Pro-Bake range is suitable. The range includes a traditional All-Purpose Cake Margarine with vanilla flavour and an All-purpose Vegetable Shortening suitable for a large range of applications such as pie bottoms, yeast raised products and deep frying. Some products in the range are suitable for vegan or vegetarian use.