Tablelands offers a range of great tasting spreads for your whole family. For lots of recipe and lunch ideas:
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Vitalite offers a range of great tasting monounsaturated spreads for your whole family. Vitalite is available in 250g & 500g tubs as well as single serve 10g packs.
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The Miracle brand is built for a competitive position in your product offering. With every day low shelf prices achievable with this range, the Miracle brand can become your fast moving, value range with product packs including 250g, 500g and 1kg packs.
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Fairy is a unique and multi usage product. Created to mimic butter in the cooking and baking applications, this product has a real butter tecture and flavour. It provides for perfect baking for croissants and cakes plus can be used as cooking base for European and Middle Eastern dishes.
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Wiks brings home the nostalgia of when our parents and grandparents use to cook with premium beef fats. This product is perfect for coating chicken and vegetables and fries the perfect French fry with colour, taste and texture.
Copha is the number 1 selling coconut shortening in Australia. This product is widely sort after globally for making desserts, bakery products and in the use of other cooking applications. This product provides the benefits of coconut oil with the performance of a premium shortening.
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