Tablelands Reduce Cholesterol Absorption Spread 500g

Plant sterols were first introduced through retail spreads and Tablelands cholesterol reducing spread is the proven product to help you reduce your cholesterol, together with a balance diet. Contains milk solids.

Tablelands Dairy Blend Soft Buttery Spread
Tablelands Dairy Blend Soft Buttery spread is a dairy and plant based spread with a delicious creamy taste. Super soft and spreadable straight from the fridge it is a favourite for the whole family. Suitable for vegetarians.

Tablelands Dairy Free Buttery Spread 500g

The ability to mimic butter is now a reality with dairy free buttery. With a great buttery flavour and completely dairy free, this product gives you the best of both worlds – a dairy free butter replacer. Now Vegan

Tablelands Spread Olive 1kg

This value pack provides all the benefits of an olive spread in a larger pack format for convenience and value.

Tablelands Spread Olive 500g

The Mediterranean diet has been praised for centuries in providing the right balance. A key to this diet is olive oil. Tablelands combines the benefits of olive and canola oils to provide this great tasting and versatile spread for the use on crusty bread, hot vegetables, salads and cooking. Contains milk solids.

Tablelands health & nutrition facts

Health experts like the Heart Foundation have recommended using plant based spreads instead of butter and dairy blends for many years. Tablelands spreads are made from plant based seeds like Canola and Sunflower and don’t contain any artificial flavours and colours. Click here for frequently asked questions to help you make healthy food choices for you and your family.

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