Medium Pastry Margarine Nuggets 12kg

Perfect for all general pastry work. Formulated to suit small plant and the large craft baker alike.

Medium Vegetable Pastry Margarine Nuggets 12kg

Designed by Pro-bake for when superior ‘mouth-feel’ is desired. This product is made from 100% vegetable oils. Suitable for savoury and sweet applications.

Hard Vegetable Pastry Margarine Nuggets 12kg

Made from 100% vegetable oils. This product is perfect for the production of all pastry products including puff pastry.

Pie Bottom Shortening 15kg

A vital ingredient in producing short eating pastry. Makes great pizza bases and pie bases for all varieties of pies.

Medium Cake Margarine 15kg

Baking margarine for cakes, fruit cakes, biscuits, viennese and butter creams. Produces appetising and profitable lines for bakers.

All Purpose Vegetable Shortening 15kg

Suitable for pie bottoms, yeast raised products and deep frying. This product is RSPO Mass Balance certified and is suitable for vegan and vegetarian use.